is the core essence of your company. It is your values. It is your niche. It is your stake in the ground in your corner of your market. It is what makes you different from everyone else.
For better or worse, your branding defines everything you do and is defined by everything you do. Every business decision you make, from hiring to policy to, yes, marketing, is building your brand. And if you don’t know what that means, it’s time to do back to the drawing board. Today. Like right now.

A strong brand will shape and refine your marketing choices. Branding done right will inform a strong marketing plan that will bring the RIGHT people to you – the ones who will become customers, clients, connections.

Want to know if your brand is strong? Ask yourself what defines your company. Then ask 5 other people. Compare the answers. If they differ…you need work. And if you can’t define it yourself, you need us.

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